Oregon, US of A
Saturday, January 17, 2015

Teacher: “Dear child, not only does the Heavenly Father get more real in His children’s understanding and experience through the manifold personal experiences which pave the way to a more vivid relationship with the Father, but the Father also reveals some of His personality through the mortal experiences of interacting with one another.  The Father is the Origin and the Giver of all personality.  This is why the mortal life of Christ Michael as Jesus was such a palpable revelation of the Father’s loving nature and much more.


“There is a Father’s Fragment in each mortal, a pre-personal fragment.  But each mortal has been also gifted with his/her own individual and unique personality reflecting but a faint facet of the Father’s personality.  As you get to know and appreciate one another with more gratitude and awareness, you come to embrace more of the Father’s nature through the truth, beauty and goodness revealed through each one of His children. 


“You too, dear one, are a unique and valid revelation of the Father.  Cultivate your unique personality; allow the Father and His helpers to assist you in upgrading it, in making it bloom.  It is the best offering you can give to the Father, reflecting back to Him His lovely nature, so that He too can come to appreciate His own gifts, freely reflected in and by His grateful creatures.”