Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, May 10, 2016
Teacher: “Dear child, in order to sharpen your listening skills, you need to condition your space to shield it from all external distracting interferences. In order to get the best reception possible, you also need to unfold and carefully calibrate your spiritual antenna so that it can pick up signals from Higher Realms. It is a very delicate fine tuning process and cannot be rushed.
“Whenever a singer is recording a piece, it is done in a tightly insulated room. He even wears headphones that create a state of suspended noise and facilitate the expression of very pure sounds.
“In order to receive spiritual guidance from within, the first step is to send out a heartfelt invitation so as to allow Spirit and Its Helpers to step in as they will never trespass. We will not come uninvited as we are coming bearing housewarming presents. Yours is to send out the invitation and to clean your inner temple in preparation for our timely arrival. We cannot arrive in the midst of chaos as it would not be conducive to quality time and would not demonstrate from your part that you are valuing our visitation.
“If your mind is going all over the place, how can it discern our input from the many other influences bouncing around? Whenever a lover is waiting for his beloved, he carefully sets the stage of their much anticipated encounter. He wants to make the best impression and covers all the bases: The house is thoroughly cleaned; dirty laundry is picked up and washed; a nice meal is being concocted and simmers on the stove; scented candles are lit, and soothing ambiance music is being diffused. The phone is turned off and a "do not disturb sign" is posted at the door after the arrival of the guest. All this is meant to cater to the senses of the guest and to set a beautiful stage for a most intimate and undisturbed encounter.
“If you can find in yourself to treat a loved one with so much TLC, how would you feel about enticing the Divine to be part of your life in the same manner—not as an afterthought, but with much touching forethought? How do you think the Divine feels when It witnesses all the loving preparations to welcome Its Presence in your life?
“This truly is the best foundation for a loving relationship. If the guest feels welcome and is put at ease, a wonderful heart to heart communication will be enabled. Isn’t it worth the efforts? If this first date goes wonderfully, there will be less and less resistance and anxiety toward the manifestation of a successful second date. Eventually, the intimacy will develop to such a degree that you will ask the Divine to move in and hand over the keys to your heart. At which state are you in your courtship with the Divine?”