Wednesday, March 29, 2017



Thought Adjuster: “Turn within with the heartfelt intention to connect with your spiritual family—to hold a meaningful conversation with the Divine.  Many of you have been taught that it is presumptuous and prideful to assume that this is possible.  My answer to that is “Why not?”

“Open and honest communication is the key to any meaningful and lasting relationships.  How could you get to KNOW someone without any personal interaction?  Hearsay might be an incentive to engage in a quest you deem meaningful.  Yet, it is not first-hand knowledge and lacks the validation stamp of your own experience. 

“Which type of faith do you harbor?  Is it just a hand-me-down type of faith, that may not be a perfect fit to your spiritual figure?  Or is it a custom-tailored one?  Which one would be more appealing to you?

“Dear ones, you are unique personalities, meant to have unique relationships with one another and with your Divine Family.  Each relationship has a synergy of its own—just like chemical reactions differ based on the type of their activating molecules.

“The most beneficial and efficient way to establish a relationship with your Indwelling Fragment is to go about it as you go about your human friendships.  By opening your heart without any reservation, you will establish one of the most intimate, close and personal connection you could ever dream of. 

“You can count on the ‘unconditional’ Love of your Divine Indwelling Presence.  That implies that nothing you can say will be used against you.  You can confide any and all details of your personal diary, and your confidences will be gratefully met with utmost respect and understanding.  Your true friends are honored whenever you turn to them for advice.  They cherish your confidences, without ever breaching them.

“There is nothing you can share with the Divine that is not already known to Him/Her.  Yet, the fact that you express it with sincerity will greatly benefit your evolution.  God knows the Achille’s tendon of your personality.  By admitting to it, you open the door for His leadings.  From your part, it is a meaningful first step toward self-help.  Denial is what keeps you from taking that very impactful first step. 

“Heaven helps those who help themselves.” This is indeed how it works.  The flow of your conversations with the Divine may be slow and hesitant at first.  But if you are steadfast in your intention to establish an eternal connection, soon you will acquire the confidence that you are being heard and you will start opening up more and more and share with your Divine Friend 24/7.  This is what constitutes an enriching relationship.  It flows spontaneously from topic to topic and no topic is taboo as long as the underlying intention is personal growth and evolution.”