Oregon, US of A
Friday, July 27, 2018


Thought Adjuster: “As you ready yourself to step into our sacred space, you leave your earthly concern at the door, asking Me to take care of them so that you can commune with Me without allowing them to tamper with the quality of our connection.

“Indeed, it is important to surrender your worries to Me, as it is within My area of responsibility to deal with them.  How so?  First of all, you have not been created for a solitary human experience.  Even when things appear gloomy and when you feel ‘caged’ in your difficult predicaments, remember that My Spirit is always free-flowing and can reach you wherever you are, at any moment, since it is not bound by the elements of time and space. 

“As well, it is helpful for you to articulate some meaningful personal affirmations and to repeat them as often as necessary to mean them with heartfelt conviction.  Each repetition captures more of your attention and helps strengthen the belief you have in your own words, thus empowering them with creative powers.

I am worthy; I am lovable; I matter; this too shall pass…  Those are comforting affirmations that will help you dissipate any doubts you may momentarily feel about your self-worth and your sustainability.  Indeed, if you only knew how precious you are, it would give you a much-needed boost whenever your spiritual energies are dwindling.

“Dear ones, rather than dangerously indulging in negative self-talk, give yourself refreshing pep talks!  Such is My way of communicating with you—always uplifting, never contemptuous or belittling.  Address others in the same respectful manner, as they too are in dire need to hear about the beautiful truth of their being and the deep values and meanings encoded in them at birth to be brought into manifestation and embellish their life experience—giving wings to their dreams and quieting their fears and feelings of inadequacy.  Those who are infused with the Can-Do-Spirit are indeed far more powerful than those who have been brainwashed by its debilitating nemesis.”