Oregon, US of A
Saturday, November 12, 2016

Thought Adjuster: “Let us talk about Peace today. Your Master Jesus earned the title of Prince of Peace. Have you ever pondered what this implies? To qualify for such a glorious title, He had to fully master and exemplify the much sought after value of Peace. He came to embody Peace and this is the reason why He has such a commanding presence.

“A ‘peace-filled’ individual exudes a sense of Peace that positively impacts others who are subjected to the ups and downs of their emotional barometers. This is also the reason why Peace is often coined as a Haven of Peace. It is the much coveted place of inner placidity in the midst of emotional turbulences. Nobody wishes to linger in stormy emotional weather as it is deeply unsettling and fear inducing. It does not feel good. It does not provide a place from which to function optimally. On the contrary, it places one on an adrenalin-fueled survival mode, and much energy is spent to weather such difficult emotional elements without allowing them to get the better of you and make you sink to the very bottom on the murderous reefs of toxic emotions.

“During His physical incarnation, Jesus had to constantly steer away from emotional land mines—just as you have to in your own life. There are always at least two options to respond to any given emergency situation—you can either let debilitating fears invade you by letting your guards down, thus allowing other hostile emotions to sneak into your being through the Trojan horse of fear. The other option is to solidly plant yourself in your inner peace, which will enable you to devise a rational, well thought out, and effective plan of action.

“Your inner peace is a most precious commodity. It gives you a foretaste of life on higher realms. Indeed, the Peace that passes all understanding is a gift from Divine Grace. It shields you from the worldly confusion and reboots your inner system when you have reached the limits of what you can handle emotionally.

“Long for this powerful inner ally! Hook yourself to it like you would hook yourself to a nurturing IV. Its substance is transformative and will incite others to search for it as well. Become an Agent of Peace as Jesus was—a mediator for Peace, not an instigator of unrest. Peace brings healing. It lights the way.”