Oregon, US of A
Saturday, April 13, 2019

“If you seek honor and glory, if you are worldly minded, you are like the salt when it has lost its savor.”  [UB Paper 171, section 2]

Thought Adjuster: “In His teaching “On Counting the Cost,” Jesus made it very clear to His disciples that they needed to scrutinize the motivation that led them to follow Him.  The value of any action is vested into it by its underlying motivation.  Human beings frequently fool themselves into believing they are exhibiting high moral standards while being held back by selfish agendas—like the Pharisees who were making great fanfare about themselves while going about their religious rituals.

“If you genuinely intend to dedicate your life to the spreading of Love and Light on your planet, it has to come from the depth of your heart by entering into a secret covenant with Spirit.  By following Its leading rather than catering to the self-gratifying urges of your ego, you will grow in spirit.  It is a blessing while the recognition of your peers could turn out to be a curse, leading you astray by going straight to your head, triggering the narcissistic and heart-hardening Luciferian tendencies of pride, vanity, superiority, smugness, and their likes.

“Cultivate what feeds your emotional heart.  Do not be fooled by the mere intellectual understanding that misleads many of you into believing you are living a moral life just because you hear yourself talk a good talk. 

“Your heart is the vial that holds your exquisite designer fragrance.  It is the place you need to access to make Spirit-led decisions.  By coming from your heart, you are in alignment with My Vision for you and your siblings, as My Vision comes 100% from My Heart and what I crave for is the modest expression of your growing ability to love.”