Oregon, US of A
Friday, April 24, 2015

Monjoronson:  “Dear child, there is a huge task which needs to be accomplished in order to reorganize this beautiful planet and to bring it in alignment with its planetary sisters in the universes.  Not only, the whole universe is longing to include Urantia in their universal family, but we are all longing to connect one to one with the human beings that we are intent on uplifting.  The New Era is a transitional process.

“It is initiated at many levels as everything there is needs to be upgraded and transmuted to its true God intended nature.  Each personality is unique and this is the reason why each personality matters so much.  Whenever two elements are coming together in chemistry, they create a new organism.  Whenever two personalities interact, they create a very unique relationship which can never be duplicated.  The Father only deals in originals and each original is precious beyond words.

“The New Era is also a new era for relationships, an era where separation no longer exists.  Individuality is becoming understood as the initial phase of that amazing collaborative process.  In an ant colony, each ant participates to the building of their underworld organism.  They each instinctively focus on the bigger picture.

“Human beings have such an instinct deeply embedded into their core.  Yet, they have forgotten about it and it lays dormant within them.  We are assisting you to remember who you truly are and what you can truly achieve when you collaborate with one another.  A house is built with many qualified workers:  those who dig the foundations, those who pour the concrete, those who erect the walls and install the pipes and the electrical conduits.  Each one is an expert in their filed and the finished home is a manifestation of the group effort.  It could never exist without each individual effort.

“It is so important that each child of God becomes aware of its importance in the whole process.  It has nothing to do with self-importance but everything to do with the fact that God considers you as an important player in His Great Scheme of co-creation.  God delegates to His children and counts on them to manifest new realities in alignment with His basic instructions of co-creating with LOVE.  This is His only mandate.  This is why the Golden Rule is also the only rule given by Jesus.  By adhering to it, everything is possible as it is the connective tissue which is indispensable in the manifestation of a world settling in Life and Light.”