Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, November 27, 2019


Thought Adjuster: “The thought came to your mind that an embryo could well think that the womb constitutes the entire universe.  In a sense, it does—for the time being. 

“The fetus cannot philosophy about the purpose of its selfhood.  At this pre-stage of life, it just is—unburdened by the past and unconcerned by the future.  Neither could it grasp the concept of time. 

“Your postpartum human experience may turn out to be similar if you live oblivious of the third leg of your existential ‘soul evolution.’  Sadly, it is how many of you lead their lives—giving little or no forethought to their upcoming after-life as less material and more spiritual beings. 

“The infant certainly has no way of knowing what the future holds for it.  However, once born to the material reality, it starts gathering knowledge and understanding about the world it lives in, as well as getting to more fully grasp the ‘This too shall pass’ clause of the material existence. What then?

“The Fable of Jean de La Fontaine about The Cicada and the Ant is an adequate portrayal of what happens when one lives with existentialist ‘short-sightedness.’  The cricket spent the summer frolicking without making wise arrangements for the winterly shortage of food.  On the other hand, the ant industriously built granaries under the mocking eye of the ‘free-spirited’ cricket.

“Life has a way to turn things around.  What will happen to those who embrace the cricket lifestyle, giving little or no forethought to the subsistence requirements of the hereafter?  When the time comes to move on, they are not travel-ready and are bound to be taken aback by more spiritualized surroundings. 

“Just as a baby's physical senses are shaped in the womb—a place where they are not of service to its current form of existence—you need to develop heightened spiritual senses while you still live and grow in this world that, unbeknownst to many, should act as the nurturing womb for your next life.  It is in your best interest to plan for the eternal future.”