Oregon, US of A
Monday, January 16, 2017

Thought Adjuster:  “The human organism is self-regulatory in many ways.  Ideally, your physical body is able to monitor subconsciously the many functions it has been designed to perform to perfection.  If it comes under the attack of malignant viruses, it is equipped with complex lines of defense meant to repel the health threats—provided you consciously monitor to what influences you expose your body and refrain from misusing it and defiling it by exposing it to unhealthy elements or engaging in the wrong type of activities.

“The same principle goes for your emotional body.  It too is frequently under attack—falling prey to emotional rampages that do not have your best interest at heart.  What is of utmost importance is that you be ‘emotionally’ aware so as not to be caught off guard. 

“You live in a difficult world where many challenging emotions are constantly fueled by what you witness on the outside.  Yet, yours is the free choice to choose to embrace them or to dismiss them as irrelevant to your inner world.  Just as your body produces smart anti bodies to overcome malignant viruses, your emotional body is also equipped with lines of defenses.  Yet, because of your unique personality and the free will privilege that you have been given, it requires ‘acts of will’ to consciously decide which emotions you will nurture and which ones you will starve to death.

“This can be done on an individual level and this also can be done on a community level.  Your world is in dire need of conscious individuals who take the ‘emotional’ lead by joining their emotional forces in positive ways in order to put out the fires of outrage, anger, hostility, hate, and more that threaten to run havoc on the planetary emotional welfare. 

“Dear ones, do carefully select your associations.  To do so, you need to very wisely set your intentions and to constantly recall them whenever you are going through treacherous territories.  “I choose love” is the best mantra you could set for yourself as it will help you find your way through the weeds of lower emotions and stay the course.  Love is always the right answer as it is in complete alignment with the perfect Divine Will.  This is the reason why so much patience is being extended to your world.”