Oregon, US of A
Friday, June 26, 2015

Thought Adjuster:  “Dear child, you can find Me in the pause between your breaths.  Your breath is connected to your physical being and it ceases upon physical death.  It connects you the life giving air element and sustains you while in this physical embodiment.  I hail from eternity and reside in the space between your breaths.  This is where our two worlds collide so to speak as you are an eternal being in a carnal envelope.


“This is the reason why breathing is so helpful in the Stillness practice.  Not only does it slow down your mental chatter when you consciously bring your focus to that process, but it also activates the living connection between us.  I do participate between the breaths.  This is where you get in touch with eternity.  How amazing is that?


“The Stillness practice is a time of communion between the human and the divine.  It is a time of getting in touch with your divine essence and it allows your Divine Coaches to prep you for your daily experiences.  If your mind is at the right place, you are equipped to respond to the daily events from a higher and healthier perspective. 


“Whenever you sit in the Stillness, in a fully receptive mode, the Divine can step in and be noticed and effective in that precious time of intentional connection.  Whenever you go in the Stillness, it is like posting an open house sign on your door and such an invitation is never ignored as I am always on stand-by, waiting for your permission to bring you My input.  I am dying to speak the Divine Mind to your ascending mind.  I am here to help you translate your physical human experiences into your divine legacy, the memories and values which are becoming part of your eternal being.


“Many humans are cutting themselves short by only catering to the physical and visible aspects of their lives on the planet.  They need to be made aware of their much higher calling so that they can discover their spiritual wings and start flexing them.


“What a privilege it is for those who have already learned to fly to become the mentors of others and help them unlock the treasures and potentials of their soul!  Yes, the children of the Light are flight instructors; they guide their siblings to the starting gates of their spiritual life, helping them get ready for take-off together with the loving celestial staff that also monitors the progress and the check-list of the intended flight schedules.  What an exciting moment it is for all those involved when the awakening human is getting ready to test his/her wings!  Do you remember how your parents cheered you up when you took your first steps?  This literally pales in comparison with the elation of your celestial Cheerleaders.”