Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Uteah: “Jesus mentioned how crucial it is for each of you to be ‘childlike’ to be reborn into the Divine Family.  What does it imply?

“First of all, it has nothing to do with behaving ‘childish’—in an immature and unwise way.  It has everything to do with the trusting and carefree attitude of a beloved child.  Sadly, in your world, many children are deprived of this precious growth experience due to unfortunate life circumstances. They are forced to jump prematurely into adulthood, thus deprived of the positive contribution of the imaginative and joyful child plays.

“As well, many of your children become distracted early in life by the constant input of digital devices that stump the sound development of both their creative and social skills.

“Take time to introspect your demeanor:  Are you able to spontaneously rejoice like a child about the smallest things?  How about your connection with the Divine?  Are you trusting, happily sharing of yourself with your spiritual family?  Or, have you grown withdrawn and disillusioned, having lost your childlike spunk and sense of wonder?

“The good news is that you can have a happy second childhood.  You can get back in touch with your silenced inner child and nurse it back to vitality and vibrancy—a source of much joy.  You will be surprised by what it will teach you.  How would it feel to dance in the rain, to jump with both feet in puddles, to reawaken to the beauty and the mysteries held in small and big things?  It will mightily reopen your heart and reintroduce saving bursts of laughter and giggles into your much too serious life.”