Oregon, US of A
Thursday, April 2, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “When a little one climbs on his mother’s lap, begging her to tell him a story, he is all ears and all desire.  The same goes for our relationship.  It is instantaneous whenever you come and sit in My welcoming auric field.  Never doubt that most fundamental fact.  Why else would the Father have chosen to have a vast progeny if it were not to shelter it within the incommensurable and bottomless love He carries in His Heart.

“As Divine Emissaries, bestowed from On High to accompany the children of time and space, We are the forever-living proof of His undying Love.  What do you intuit from both the spoken and the unspoken of the One and Only?

“Can you fathom how precious you are in His Eyes?  Each one of you is a complex micro-universe, mirroring unique aspects of His Infinite Personality.  Wasn’t He taking a considerable risk when He entrusted you—yes, you—with a micro-matrix of His being?  What if it got misused?  What if it got adulterated?  “How would it make you feel if your most loving gift was received with disdain?  Wouldn’t it break your heart?

“View yourself as a precious, never to be mass-produced, beautiful expression of the Father’s love.  Stop disparaging yourself or others.  Instead, get to the bottom of who and what you ARE; cherish and respect yourself, as you ARE the emerging expression of who He IS.”