Oregon, US of A
Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thought Adjuster:  “Dear one, no one is entitled to impinge on another being’s personal freedom.  Even the Father does not claim this right.  He does not impinge on His creatures’ free will as free will is truly a gift.  So is personality.  The God-given personality is equipped with the matrix of its perfection, with the means to use the free will in alignment with God’s Will.  A creature has to be willing to emulate the Father’s Will.


“The Father’s Will cannot be influenced.  His arms cannot be twisted by the immature pleas of His growing offspring.  However, His Will can be revealed to the creature whenever the creature makes the conscious decision of allowing the Father to arbitrate and guide his/her decisions. 


“It is meaningful to take time daily to ask your Divine Presence to recalibrate your internal GPS [God Positioning System] so as to start the day heading in the right direction.  Yes, you may stray during the course of the day but, if you stop and allow the Divine to reset your GPS, you will not stray too far.


“Be respectful of one another’s freedom.  You can exert a positive influence in their decision making process whenever they are asking for advice and are in a receptive state.  Any unsolicited truth, force-fed to a closed mind, may actually have the adverse effect of reinforcing the narrow-mindedness of that individual.  Unfortunately, it happens over and over on this planet and is the cause of great suffering and evolutionary delays.  This is why you need to BE the change you want to see in the world.  Your enacted testimony has much more weight than your spoken one.  When you are exhibiting the fruit of the Spirit, you indubitably demonstrate the do-ability of spiritual rehabilitation and transformation.  This is the reason why Jesus’ life had such a powerful impact on this planet and other worlds.   He truly exemplified his own teachings, the Father’s Will and vision. 

« Become such a visible example through your life’s enterprises and many will turn to you for your personal input.  This world is in need of many genuine Teachers who are lights in the fog of the human perception.  As more light expands in this world, the fog will finally dissipate and a glorious morning will dawn.  Can you imagine the joy that you will feel when Urantia will finally be declared as having reached the state of Light and Life!