Oregon, US of A
Friday, January 27, 2017

“As you were focusing on inhaling and exhaling with awareness, the thought came to your mind that, by doing so, you are inviting rejuvenating influences in your being—at both its physical and spiritual layers.

“Indeed, such is the case. Your breath is more than taking in and expelling air through your lungs to provide your physical organism with life-sustaining oxygen. The air you breathe also has spiritual properties as it is infused with spiritual elements.

“Just as the air in a room becomes stale and heavy when it is not being circulated and replenished with fresh air, your spiritual atmosphere is also subjected to the threat of becoming stale and losing its vibrancy--thus suffocating you.

“In His eternal Wisdom and Foresight, the Heavenly Father made adequate arrangements for His evolving creatures to grow into healthy beings—both in their body and their soul.

“Whenever your mind is trapped in an unending loop of stale and obsessive thinking, you need to activate through your breath the circulatory flow of the healthy spiritual influences that are at all times available to you.

“All what it takes from your part is the initial intention to disconnect from your inner atmospheric pollutants and to open wide the windows of your heart and mind so that they can let in the refreshing and rejuvenating breaths of fresh spiritual air.

“Dear ones, by routinely doing so, you won’t fail to notice much improvement in your spiritual and emotional 'lung capacity.' This will also have wonderful repercussions on your physical health. It will promote all around harmony within your being and you will become more and more synchronized with the powerful Holy Breath—a Breath that pervades your universe—a fragrant Breath that exudes Love.”