Oregon, US of A
Saturday, February 24, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “Let us broach again the topic of the Fruits of Spirit.  Isn’t it obvious that they are abundantly diversified, as the nature of the Mother Tree is infinitely rich and resourceful?  As an offshoot of that Tree, how then could you expect a poor return on your own crops? 

“As you graft your own branch to the majestic Family Tree, it cannot but eventually yield many of the organic fruits of the Spirit.  Just as the soil benefits from a rotation of crops to replenish its minerals and other fertilizing agents, your soul will as well follow a finely established ‘growth chart’ as to the seasons of the planting and harvesting of its produce.  What do I mean by that?

“The most precious fruit of Spirit is ‘Unconditional Love.’  It thrones at the tree top, so to speak, way beyond the reach of those who are standing at the bottom of the ascension ladder.  Yet, each one of its rungs helps them progress upward toward that sublime fruit.  Indeed, it appeals to all taste buds and, as it is consumed and shared, it transforms those who are blessed by its sustenance.  It is the much-needed nutrient that turns them into shining beings of Love—beautiful angels decorating the top of their own Christmas tree.

“Dear ones, do not concern yourself with how long it will take for you to make your way to the tree top.  Rather, ask Me what is the first supportive branch that you need to step on in your spiritual ascension—or to put in other words, what is the first fruit of Spirit that you need to cultivate in your life.  The Seed Vault holds many varieties to choose from. Shall it be Patience?  Shall it be Faith?  Shall it be Perseverance?

“Due to its scale, the Tree projects much shade and you may feel that you are engaging yourself blindfolded on the first leg of your climb.  Indeed, blind faith may be your starting point, supported by perseverance and patience. You will be then led to the next supportive branch based on the immediate needs of your own character development. 

“Someday, as you look back on the valley of your humble beginnings, perched on the highest branch, you will surely come to understand the wisdom of the Divine Plan.  As well, as you yield your own precious fruits of Spirit, you will be able to share of their abundance with others, stimulating their own taste buds, thus enticing them to tender to their own promising inner orchard.  Do not be dismayed by its current state of disarray!  Rather, hire Me as your Glorified Landscaper to help you develop an effective plan for the beautification of your inner garden.”