Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, May 30, 2018

“You can be nourished by the eternal word of God, which is indeed the bread of life, and which has been bestowed in the likeness of mortal flesh; and you can be watered in soul by the divine spirit, which is truly the water of life.”  UB Paper 153, Section 3]

Thought Adjuster: “To function optimally, your body needs the energetic nutrients provided by a balanced diet and the hydration of clean water.  What you ingest has everything to do with the state of your health.  As well, the water you drink has to be pure and rich in minerals in order to help flush out any lingering toxins and positively contribute to the multitude of electrochemical processes that take place in your human vehicle.  Those are two of the fundamental principles of healthy living.

“None of you contest the fact that your body is a living organism.  As such, it thrives if it is provided with the life force of healthy nutrients.  On the other hand, it instinctively regurgitates stale or spoiled food.

“What about your soul?  It is a living organism as well.  As such, it has to be constantly fed by the ‘living’ word of God—its eternal word.  Think about it for a moment.  To be eternal means to be FOREVER alive.  Why then would you consider ingesting stale spiritual food—the one stored between dusty book covers?  As well, why would you deprive yourself of the living waters of Spirit that are refreshing and infused with spiritual vibrancy? 

“Jesus came to bring you the ‘bread of life’, as He was a clear conduit for the Word of God.  To these days, His teachings are relevant, as their content is timeless—not subject to any expiration date.  As well, the Spirit of God dwells within each one of you and relates to you in a unique way, as you have a unique personality and unique needs.  Why then would you choose to drink bottled water way past its freshness date when you have inner access to an inexhaustible spring of living waters?

“Again, all that it takes from your part is to turn within and ask, so that you shall receive.  Jesus answered personally many of the questions that preoccupy the human mind.  This is the reason why He was a Teacher of Truth and everyone would greatly benefit from studying His Teachings, as He shared them to positively expand your inner freedom.  He was considered as a rebel.  Indeed, He rebelled against the stuffiness of established religion.  In that sense, He was a Freedom Fighter who spread the liberating message of Truth with a “T”.