Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, April 4, 2018

“The acts of today are the destiny of tomorrow.”  [UB 557:10]

Thought Adjuster: “Your being is a type of trinity in itself—the combined workings of your body, your mind, and your soul.  They have been meant to serve one another, as well as to benefit from this mutual service.  The ultimate beneficiary is your soul—the embryo of your eternal destiny.  How does it grow into a viable candidate for eternal life?

“Based on the degree of their spiritual awareness, human beings live their lives in ways that appear to be radically different from one another.  They share the same playground and, yet, have different lifestyles. 

“Some of you only believe in what they detect through their physical senses.  Therefore, they live overly focused on the material reality and hoping to extract from it as much sensual gratification as possible, as it is their take on happiness.  Sadly, such happiness, being based on an ephemeral reality, is not sustainable in itself and leads to addictive types of behaviors.

“Others among you draw great inner satisfaction from investigating the invisible and seemingly more elusive mental realities.  By doing so, they assert their ‘humanity’, seceding from the baser animal nature and initiating a personal quest to solve the many mysteries of life.  They are putting their mind to good use but not fully to its intended use.  How so?

“There are tremendous possibilities in each of you for the future.  Better by far to have a small but living and growing faith than to be possessed of a great intellect with its dead stores of worldly wisdom and spiritual unbelief.” [UB Paper 147 Section 5]

“Again, it all boils down to the vision you hold for your life:  Is it long- or short-ranged?  Your mind can be a great servant.  Indeed, both your body and your mind are meant to serve your Soul—the part of you that needs to be prepped during your physical life for a successful launch in the ‘other’ world—your ‘after-physical life’.

“Dear ones, take the time to examine your life.  At which level are you activating your being?  Within you are great powers.  Aren’t you much more than an animal?  Aren’t you much more than a brain?  You are a decision-maker and, by making decisions in alignment with your highest good—your soul survival—you will access the third dimension of your life, the one that will acclimate your soul for its future destiny.  Be all that you can be—united in body, mind, and soul!