Oregon, US of A
Sunday, May 6, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “You were just reading about the day when Jesus preached in the synagogue of Nazareth—His hometown.  On that day, trouble was brewing as His archenemies had hired the services of weak souls to be on the outlook for opportunities to trick Him or to create turmoil. 

In this group were many turbulent individuals whose minds were bent on mischief, while about the fringe of this crowd there circulated those debased men who had been hired to make trouble for Jesus.”  [UB Paper 150, Section 8]

“It struck you that nothing has changed since then, as so much turmoil is constantly stirred—especially in the political arena and the mass media—by those who intentionally defame the character of their opponents and circulate concocted rumors about them in order to weaken their support base and handicap their work.

“This is what iniquity consists of.  It is to ‘knowingly’ spread lies.  It is to reject the values of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.  It is to taunt ‘targets’ in the hope they will lose their composure.  It is to use unfair means to ‘muddy the waters’.  Sadly, such a sad display of iniquity is taking place in your world and in your country right now.

“Iniquity is driven by greed, bitterness, the desire to hold unfair power unto others, and much more.  It stems from the Lucifer legacy.  Is it meant to be passed down from generation to generation?  What about Jesus’ legacy?  Didn’t He incarnate to put an end to such godless behaviors? 

“Ask yourself in which footsteps you are walking?  Are you blindly following those who blinded you?  Or are you waking up from this intentionally induced torpor to follow the light of truth—the leadings of the Spirit of Truth that lives within you—Jesus’ personal gift to you? 

“After His crucifixion, Jesus made sure that His children would not be spiritual orphans.  He came back in Spirit to dwell within each one of you, together with Mother Spirit.  No matter what you are told, you are not orphans.  Neither are you the children of darkness—unless you chose to live on the dark side and lead destructive lives that will ultimately cause you to spiritually self-destroy.

“It is time to regroup and look at things with a long-term vision. It what your existence is all about since you are meant to live forever as beings of light.  Light dissipates darkness.  The Correcting Time is writing a line in the sand.  On which side will you stand?”