Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, October 21, 2020

“Only a brave person is willing honestly to admit, and fearlessly to face, what a sincere and logical mind discovers.”  [UB 160:1:7]

Thought Adjuster: “Among many valuable spiritual mentorships, humankind benefits from the can-do attitude of the Adjuvant Mind Spirit of Courage.  Isn’t it heartening to know that it extends a lifeline to you in your times of hardship?

However, courage, in and by itself, can misfire.  It is why there is a legitimate pecking order among the spiritual influences that support you.  The Adjuvant Mind Spirits of Intuition, Understanding, and Knowledge are here to help you detect, process, and assimilate truth disclosures. 

Equipped with such a valuable database, you can then summon the courage to make decisions dictated by your logical mind—instead of yielding to spur-of-the-moments emotional reactions triggered blinding fears.

You have all that it takes to develop a stellar personality, as numerous and complementary spiritual ‘applications’ are made available to each one of you from On High. By consciously tapping into them, you will increasingly find your alignment with your divine matrix of perfection.

Lucifer was a splendid angel who rebelled against God, betraying the sacred duty conferred by the meaning of his name: “bearer of light.”  He staged a large-scale hostile take-over by cleverly and intentionally planting seeds of doubts in both angelic and human minds.  He brazenly mispresented himself as a freedom fighter while enslaving his followers by depriving them of their identity as free-spirited creatures.

Life continually calls you to take sides between guiding truths and deceptive illusions.  You strive to implement your best-informed decisions with courageous actions that put you in the spotlight, making you a moving target for those who salvage their ill-earned power by belittling others.

Jesus always stood up for unadulterated truth.  He came to disclose what had been tampered with by Lucifer’s betrayal.  Jesus’ truthful words still echo down each generation. They enable you to get in touch with your being's fundamental truth, thus activating you toward your budding greatness.  Truth is to a soul what light, soil, and water are to a seed--enlightening, nurturing, and purifying.”