Oregon, US of A
Sunday, December 8, 2019

Teacher Uteah: “In the school system, it would be important that thorough psychological evaluations be made to determine the most adequate educational platform for each student, thus providing them with optimal learning opportunities.

“Sadly, in your world, quite frequently, children are assigned teachers based on their age, and it is perceived as a stigma ‘to be left behind.’ However, looking from the perspective of the child’s best interest, isn’t it by far preferable that he be granted all the necessary time to build a solid foundation for his intellectual portfolio?

“Some children are not challenged enough and would thrive if they were moved up a grade or more. Others feel overwhelmed by the subject matters and would flourish if they were given more time to master the fundamentals.

“These remarks apply to the multiple facets of your overall education—including the spiritual one.  “Inherent capacities cannot be exceeded; a pint can never hold a quart. The spirit concept cannot be mechanically forced into the material memory mold.” [UB 48:7:5]

“It is the reason why “love is patient and kind.” For most individuals, their physical, intellectual, and spiritual growth curves are not in sync due to various levels of retardation in specific areas.  

“Ideally, people would mature at a steady pace in all these areas, keeping in step with their fellows. The Lucifer Rebellion generated much dysfunction at all these levels, as its weapons of choice were ignorance and misinformation. Consequently, the acquisition of knowledge was significantly impaired.

“What matters is that you come to realize your spiritual deficiencies, as the absence of spiritual life does not prevent anyone from functioning in the material world—as exemplified by the animal kingdom. Many of you live oblivious to the urgent need to prepare themselves for the requisites of the ‘afterlife.’ As well, they miss out on the profound soul satisfaction that rewards their efforts to move forward in their spiritual quest. Wouldn’t acquiring the ability to experience the fullness of Divine Love be the best motivator ever for anyone to engage on an individual spiritual journey?”