Oregon, US of A
Saturday, February 7, 2015

Teacher:  “Dear one, as you are waiting for your morning lesson, you are putting your mind in neutral and you are opening yourself up to receive the celestial mail which has been prepared for you.  Just as your computer is equipped with a fixture to separate meaningful messages from junk mail, so is your brain.  As you wait to receive, you have to use your discernment in order not to engage in give and take with junk - spiritual junk mail.  Once a meaningful thought comes to your mind, you may engage your receiving mode and allow the message to be downloaded in your mind, as it is right now.


“There is a lot of spiritual activity and a multitude of spiritual circuits of diverse frequencies. You do want to tune into the higher frequencies by using your awareness in order not to be sucked into lower forms of thinking and lower spiritual influences which are only hampering your journey.


“As your Teachers, we too are intending for a clear connection with you, devoid of any parasites.  We are learning to tune into your mind circuits more carefully and more skillfully as we get to know you better with all your idiosyncrasies.   We are learning more about you so that we know what makes you tick, so to speak, and with which triggers to engage your attention and your interest.


“The lessons we are bringing you have to be relevant to your questions and to your needs.  These are always the best lessons and the one that the student will retain as they bring enlightenment on areas of his/her life which needed to be clarified.  These areas change as your grow and Spirit is also modifying His curriculum so as to customize it to your personal needs and growth.


“As a teacher to others, you too will learn to discern their immediate needs and to only provide them with enough input so as to inspire them without overwhelming them.  Small frequent spiritual snacks work wonder.  Too much too soon acts as a deterrent.  Sometimes, it is wise to hold back and to leave certain things unsaid, to be continued when a foundation has been laid, when a seed as been planted.  The seed will grow and develop in its encoded potential.  Patience is needed for growth, time is needed.


“Do not doubt that you are growing and developing.  Growth happens so undetectably but it does happen.”