Oregon, US of A
Monday, August 20, 2018

“Revealed truth, personally discovered truth, is the supreme delight of the human soul…”  [UB 1459:04]

Thought Adjuster: “You were pondering the many ‘upgrades’ that you benefit from during the course of your human life—an ongoing educative process that will persist in the hereafter.  Indeed, growth involves continued upgrades.  You may take for granted the aging process that you undergo in your physical body, but there is also a very definite spiritual ‘aging process’ that has been intended to follow suit with your physical development.

“Newborn find themselves at a brand-new developmental starting gate.  Upon getting familiarized with their carnal vehicles and physical environment, they start moving around independently, which allow them to pick up many of the pebbles of personal enlightenment that have been intentionally scattered along their path. 

“Yet, there are differences in the individual curves of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual developments.  They are due to the fact of the uniqueness of each personality and its God-given calling, reflected in personal interests.   Some children are called ‘old souls’, as they are more precocious than others, while others are coined as ‘late bloomers’, as they seem to lag behind the ‘norm’, having to make up for genetics or generational handicaps.

“However, no matter where you are in your spiritual growth, it is facilitated by the feeding of your soul with spiritual nutrients of fine vibrations.  A starved soul withers away, while a well-fed soul thrives and becomes more and more picky in selecting what to ingest.

“The morsels of truth that you come to cherish the most are revealed to you on an ‘as-needed-basis’.  Indeed, if they meet your current needs, they are extremely valuable to you, just as a practical gift has a much greater impact in your life than a useless Knick knack that merely adds to the clutter of your living quarters.

“Take the time to define for yourself which morsel of truth would be the most relevant for you at this stage of your life.  Then, set yourself on a personal crusade to find it, as it constitutes a crucial piece of your personal puzzle.  This is the reason why, once you ‘find’ what you were ‘asking for’, you experience ‘supreme delight’—a sense of wonder, coupled with the sense of excitement felt by a child when he unwraps ‘the best gift ever’.  Indeed, truth is the most practical gift you may wish for.  A little goes a long way by boosting your spiritual mileage.”