Oregon, US of A
Sunday, May 13, 2018

Planetary Mother:

Happy Mother’s Day, beloved daughters of Mine. There is a special mother-daughter connection, just as there is a special father-son bond. The reasons are obvious. Both the feminine and the masculine genders have distinct callings. This is the reason why a mother is best qualified to prepare her daughter for what awaits her in the course of her evolution. A daughter will someday become a mother herself. Such are the stages of life.

“As your Earth Mother, I am very familiar with birth pangs. Those I experience are very strong these days, as I am nearing the final birthing phase for this world to emerge in Light and Life—leaving all darkness behind.

“As your Earth Mother, I have no other wishes than to cradle you in My motherly embrace, to provide you with the balanced gamut of nutrients needed to sustain your livelihood—material, emotional and spiritual nutrients.

“As your Earth Mother, I offer you My womb until the day comes for you to move on to other welcoming wombs in higher realms. Indeed, you are lovingly raised by your mothers. Instinctively, they wish for you to be optimally-equipped for your eternal journey.

“As your Earth Mother, I watch My little ones grow. I rejoice when they thrive and I attend to those who have special needs.

“As your Earth Mother, I applaud you when you interact as loving siblings and I am deeply pained when I see you entertain hostility toward one another.

“Today, many among you celebrate their mothers for the strong and brave women they are. All mothers—the hands who lovingly rocked your cradle—deserve your love, respect, and appreciation. Those go straight to their hearts—Mine included. This is what keeps us going in spite of the painful birth pangs we undergo. Our dearest wish is for the promising embryos that are growing within our wombs mature to full bloom. This is the best Mother’s Day bouquet we can ever receive."