Oregon, US of A
Friday, October 12, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “Love is energy.  This you already know.  How does it differ energetically from hate?  They are differently encoded and there is no chance whatsoever that one be mistaken for the other.

“Love glows warmly and is magnetically attractive.  Hate is cold and repulsive, utterly failing to meet the soul’s needs.  On the contrary, it is highly detrimental to its welfare.  You live in a world where precious pockets of love have to cohabit with festering pockets of hate. 

“All hate will have to be eradicated from the human hearts for the Kingdom of Love to claim its dues.  Can you imagine what your world will feel like if this emotion becomes the prevalent one?  It will trigger an ever-accelerating snowball effect of unprecedented overall progress!

“Do not let the virus of hate stake a malevolent claim to your inner world, thus turning it in another war casualty. Rather than obsessing about what is not right, promote what is true, beautiful, and good, thus exerting a positive influence in the world. 

“Dear ones, by constantly flexing your gratitude muscle, you will grow in inner strength and keep at bay the nagging voices that aim at discouraging you.  Why would you choose to listen to them when the voice of gratitude campaigns for a far more alluring reality?”