Oregon, US of A
Thursday, February 9, 2017

Thought Adjuster:  “As you ready yourself for your morning Stillness time, the thought came to your mind that for any serious ‘meditation rookie’, it is important to select the most favorable time to engage in the Stillness Practice. 

“Early morning, upon arising, is one of these wonderful windows of opportunity, as after a goodnight sleep, your mind is refreshed and still disconnected from the mental chatter that resumes as it reconnects with its ongoing ‘story line’ and its many challenges. 

“Indeed, Stillness is more prevalent at the onset of the day, which makes it more readily accessible to you.  Moreover, the mass consciousness in your community is quieter, as most people are still asleep. 

“As you move through your day, you will discover that there are many added benefits to the Stillness Practice.  In the evening, it provides a positive closure for your day.  It helps you purge your mind from its busyness and overloads, and preps you for a quality sleep.

“By setting the conscious intentions to be guided while you lay unconscious, you also authorize Spirit to step in ‘while you sleep on it.’  This in turn contributes to a better frame of mind upon your awakening and to expanded spiritual enlightenment.

“As you can see, the Stillness practice is multi-purpose:  Not only does it establish a connection with Spirit and your Teachers and Guides, but it also helps you maintain a state of inner peace that contributes greatly to your overall wellbeing.  It acts as the emergency break you can activate whenever your human vehicle is in danger of spinning out of control due to a stress overload.

“As you persevere, you will soon become more confident and proficient in your daily practice.  What may have initially required some efforts on your part to subjugate your inner restlessness will soon become second nature.  Ultimately, it will be your first nature and you will wander out in your days equipped to deal with their many pop-up challenges while remaining cool and collected.

“This is the most convincing testimony you can offer to your siblings who have not yet come to taste the many blessings waiting to be bestowed upon them if they only were willing to give it a try.”