Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Guardian Angels: “We are right here with you, grateful that you wish for us to take more definition in your life.  Just as you are, we too are made of energy—a finer form of energy.  Yet, it does not make it impossible for us to connect on the inner.

“Look at it this way.  Your radio devices enable you to pick up on various wavelengths—AM or FM.  It has been demonstrated to you and you do not doubt it.  However, you can only hear these broadcasts if your device is properly tuned to the station you want to listen to.

“The same goes for our inter-realm connections.  As you just did, you can ‘intentionally’ initiate them—your way of placing a call with us.  By disengaging your mind from the mundane chatter of your realm, you will then get raise your vibrational ceiling to a level more akin to ours.  It is how we get to commune through sharing quality time.

“It is a joyful moment for us when you reach out from your down-to-earth home base.  It means that you grasp that you are a living cell in a much greater reality and that your outreach goes way beyond the short-wave range of your physical senses. 

“The Father conceived a creation without borders.  He may have to put into place some temporary safeguards until His children have matured enough to safely venture in the greater world—just as a caterpillar is earthbound until its majestic wings have fully developed. 

“Be patient but do not be complacent.  The winnings come to those who deserve them.  It is what makes them so precious and rewarding.  Do not lose sight of your eternal objectives.  They will thus exert a magnetic pull of their own.  Looking back on your life, aren’t you amazed at how this simple principle has set so much into motion?  Live with pure and focused intentions and they will lift you to amazing new experiential territories.”