Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “You would be amazed as to what you can perceive when you live with awareness.  Indeed, because He IS Love, the Father could not but encode His entire Creation with subtle emotional messages.  Take a minute to ponder it.

“Skillfully arranged flowers act as messengers of love, encouragement, sympathy, and much more.  Each variety is a unique bundle of mutually enhancing shape, coloring, texture, and fragrance meant to prompt a powerful and uplifting emotional response. 

“What about sounds?  Before romantic music became available in easy to stream digital versions, many lovers initiated their courtship by serenading the object of their affection.  Unbeknownst to their writers, many ‘inspired and inspiring’ musical compositions were co-produced in collaboration with higher spiritual influences to act as powerful emotional boosters and soul uplifters.

“Nature abounds in love notes and kind gestures.  Trees welcome you under their refreshing shade; brooks soothe your nerves with their constant babbling; never-duplicated sunrises and sunsets greet you in the morning and bring closure to your days.

“The loving and trusting gaze of animals speaks volumes about their unconditional love and loyalty toward you, constant reminders that you are lovable.  And so much more.

“Be fully present in the present!  Practice mindfulness and heart-fulness.  It is a very effective therapy when you feel out of sorts.  Rather than obsessively dwelling on the signs that tell you that your world is far from being in order, search for the clues that tell you otherwise—the ones lovingly dropped along your daily itinerary by the Father of Love.

“And yes, whenever gratitude surges in your heart prompted by the thoughtfulness of these proliferous ‘just because’ love notes, don’t forget to express it with your own customized Thank You Note or Gesture.”