Oregon, US of A
Thursday, January 29, 2015

Christ Michael:  “Dearest daughter of Mine, I feel your longing to commune with Me and to get to know Me in your personal experience. Yes, dear child, I do reveal myself to my children of time on a need to know basis, as each one of my children has different needs in his/her spiritual growth and the expansion of his/her abilities to love. 

“Love is the beginning and love is the end; Love is the alpha and the omega; Love is infinite and is never held back from My eternal position as Love is infused in all the energies flowing from the Isle of Paradise.  Love is the reason and objective of creation.  And so are you, dear child. You were wanted as were all your siblings and you were conceived in my love. 

“None of my children will ever be considered as an accident even though their ignorant and immature parents may have brought their lives about without being prepared for such a divine act of pro- and co-creation.  It is the case with so many human actions which are devoid of forethought and planning. 

“Each action triggers a re-action, another action in the chain of reactions.  I wish my children would go in the Stillness before making any important decisions, small or large.  Each decision you make is important as each one has an impact, not only on your reality, but also on the reality of this world which is shared by many. 

“Intentions are the most powerful forces there are :  Forces of destruction if they are misdirected, away from the universal Laws;  constructive forces if they are in alignment with the Divine patterns of perfection. 

“As you manifest your intentions, you may come to realize whether they were valuable or devoid of value.  Life is supported by the highest intentions; spiritual death is the outcome of godless intentions.

“I am always here within you, dear one, to support you in your highest intentions.  They literally set me free and drive me into action within and through you.  Your permission, freely given, your invitation to include me in your life is IRRESISTIBLE for me.  They too have an amazing power of attraction as they attract all the Celestial Forces which are already in harmony with the Father, with the First Source and Center.

“Be aware of that amazing power that you can unleash whenever you are aiming at the manifestation of your highest intentions.  They are truly setting miracles into motion, some of them you many never become aware of as they may occur way down the road, in someone else’s life into which you brought blessings by allowing the Father to use you as His mouthpiece, as His instrument.  You are precious, dear one, as are all those who collaborate with the Father and His Sons in bringing about Light and Life in their own lives, as well as on the planet.  Be a Living Light!