Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “Amid a personal crisis, your foremost priority should be to regroup on the inner and process your emotional state.  Suppose you feel unsettled or are recovering from a traumatic episode; in that case, it is my prescription for healing that you take as much recovery time as needed to ‘be yourself again’—to firmly re-anchor yourself in your being-ness.

Traumas can push someone over the edge.  Human beings are quite resourceful when depicting their emotional turbulences—ranging from blissful highs to debilitating lows.  They colorfully describe them metaphorically to make them relatable to others for lack of sophisticated knowledge about their inner workings. ‘It pulled the rug from under me; my whole world crashed; I am walking on thin ice; I am going out on a limb; I reached my breaking point; I set the bar too high; I fell flat on my face; I bounced back; it took my breath away; I am on cloud nine.’

Your being-ness is a state of harmonious flow within the various strata of your selfhood.   You 'are' at your best when your intricate operative systems are firmly grounded in the reality of each present moment—body, mind, heart, and soul. 

A successful approach focuses on the physical sensations symptomatic of your emotional/psychological state.  They can serve as gateways to initiate your inner peace process.  Pinpoint your bodily sensations that are painfully off the mark; direct your laser-beam attention on their urgent messages to blast them apart. Enlist your breathing as the maestro adept at slowing down the tempo of your inner philharmonics.  It will steady your heartbeat and appease the discordant flare-ups of your nervous system.

You have to be in a state of peace—one of candid and detached observation—to objectively evaluate the lay of your mysterious inner land.  Jesus came to this realization at an early age and took frequent solitary time-outs to ‘re-source’ himself before making weighty decisions. 

The influence of the dark forces will make you anxious and restless.  The best countermeasure is to consciously disentangle yourself from these draining energies—thus pulling the plug on their confusing input.”