Oregon, US of A
Friday, February 16, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “What makes interhuman relationships so tricky?  It is the fact that all of you are still in a state of relative ignorance and immaturity and that it is the place from which you attempt to make sense of one another.  As you frequently witness, you are more adept at reading the character flaws of those who display similar propensities as yours.  However, you are also prone to project unto others some of your own shortcomings, as you may erroneously assume that their actions are guided by similar motivations.

“Another negative side-effect of ‘defensively’ looking at others as potential enemies, rather than anticipating the best behaviors on their part, is that you assume the worst.  This greatly taints your own life, as it places you in a state of fear, dread, and more of their likes—which, in some cases morphs into full-blown paranoia—a sad distortion of your friendlier reality.

“On the other hand, by knowing that each one of your siblings has been abundantly blessed with qualities, wouldn’t it be much more productive to positively engage with them with the purpose of discovering their inner treasures?  You will become a much-needed Agent of Encouragement in their lives by lovingly articulating to them the elements of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness that you detect in them. 

“It will come as a pleasant surprise to them as well, as so many of you are constantly exposed to the harsh criticism and unfair judgment calls of their peers—thus causing them to remain on-guard and suspicious of others’ intentions.

“The Father ALWAYS expects the best from you.  What does it tell you?  It is how He patiently promotes your spiritual growth.  Your setbacks are no deal-breakers as far as He is concerned.  They may be the consequences of misguided decisions and their backlash is punitive enough.  The Father is and will forever be compassionate and merciful, as these attributes cannot be dissociated from His All-pervading Love Substance.

“Dear ones, whenever you encounter a hard-to-read individual or situation, ask Me for My Input—which will always err on the positive side of things.  Do not make assumptions about others motivations, as it frequently leads to the defamation of their character and a sad miscarriage of justice.  As well, do not take their behavior personally—unless it is Love-driven.”