Oregon, US of A
Monday, July 9, 2018

“Peace in this life, survival in death, perfection in the next life, service in eternity—all these are achieved (in spirit) now when the creature personality consents—chooses—to subject the creature will to the Father’s will.  [UB 1221:05]

Thought Adjuster: “Let us examine the above statement.  Peace indeed can only be achieved if the creature is in alignment with its God-given purpose, which naturally ensues in a state of inner harmony, translated into loving relationships with its environment. 

“Such peaceful souls cannot be swayed by ill-intended teases, meant to extract them from this blissful state.  Indeed, peace is a treasure that needs to be jealously and vigilantly guarded, thus allowing you to function optimally and to make great strides toward the perfection of your being.

“God is peace; God is perfection; God is all about serving the highest good of His creation—just as loving parents do everything in their power to promote the well-being of their offspring. 

“Peace and harmony powerfully upgrade your being to answer its calling to higher service. You could compare it to the remedial lubrication of an engine that restores its dissonant backfiring to a pleasant purr.

“Father really knows best and, by aligning your vision to His, you are in the flow of your intended destination and, as you ascend in wisdom and perfection, you increasingly leave behind your small ego-centered selfhood to walk in step with your higher service-centered Self.  Service is indeed your next activation when you come to understand which useful part you have been conceived to be in the greater cosmic organism—an organism you will forever explore after shedding the limitations of your physical envelope. 


“Indeed, physical death is only a transition for those who grow a healthy soul.  It is not an abrupt termination, but a smooth transition.  Only, those who lead very conflicted lives experience great confusion, as they are ill-prepared for a smooth passage toward eternity.  Live peacefully and such a peace will be your loyal travel companion wherever you go.”