Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “Awareness is a gradual awakening to your multi-faceted reality.  A newborn is initially unaware of its selfhood, as, until the severance of its umbilical cord, it is fully integrated into the microcosm of its mother’s womb.

“After birth, the infant experiences the progressive and very subtle activation of its physical senses.  Its blurry vision sharpens over time.  Its hearing learns to differentiate between the many surrounding frequencies.  It explores the boundaries of its own body, thus discovering its autonomy, and much more.

“Yet, this is not what the raising of awareness is all about.  There is as well a very complex inner world to awaken to.  Yet, due to the free will prerogative and the uniqueness of each personality endowment, this is a more solitary journey of discovery, as the child is not able yet to decipher the customized Owner’s Manual. 

“Ideally, in a functional family environment, the parents will help their children unlock these inner access doors by sharing with them the inspirational highlights of their personal inner voyage, thus awakening their spiritual appetites. 

“Your world has become extremely materialistic and this unhealthy hoarding of material resources, coupled with an over-focus on sensual gratification, is blocking the entrance to the empty vault where you are meant to accumulate your eternal spiritual treasures that consist of the many derivatives of the absolute values of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.

“The time has come for mankind to awaken to this spiritual dimension.  Time is of the essence in that experiential process.  In order to become fully aware, you have to fully wake up from the distracting daze induced by your overactive physical senses.  The initial phase of such an inner awakening may seem painful at first, as it leads you to regret how you led your life up to that point.  It takes courage to face such a sad music and, rather than allowing its lyrics to dishearten you, rejoice to the facts that your personal symphony is still being co-written and that much happier and exalting notes will follow its somewhat somber prelude.”