Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Thought Adjuster:

“The thought came to your mind that there is much more to the “Ask and you shall receive” encouragement. Indeed, whenever you are submitting a petition to Spirit, you are setting a complex process in motion. No petitions remain unanswered. Yet, many answers may come as a surprise and, at times, the lack of an answer is an answer by itself.
The more what you ask is in alignment with the overall Divine Will to serve the highest good, the higher the probabilities are that positive feedback will be forthcoming. Yet, its timing is out of your hands, as it may require setting in motion all kind of factors that will lead to the finetuning of your will to the Father’s Will.
Before the Father can respond to your prayer, He may have to dispatch in your life sets of circumstances that will help you to come to understand the immaturity and lack of wisdom of some of your requests. Indeed, you have to be ‘ready’ to receive so that the Father’s gifts are acknowledged and handled as such. An immature soul can very easily transmute a blessing into a curse if it is not equipped to deal with such an abundance.
Humility is a requirement for the successful reception of the Father’s Gifts. It is not about you. Those who brag about their blessings lack humility. Indeed, all credit should go back to the Giver, not the receiver. Whenever the receiver comes from the heart, then the blessings will be shared with others and multiplied. This is the type of attitude that the Father favors.
If you pray for healing, make sure that once you are restored to wellness, you express your gratitude by putting yourself in a mode of higher service. Jesus always admonished those whom He healed to lead a better life. This is what healing is all about—it harmonizes your being and takes you to a place of optimal functioning. No longer can you make excuses for your lack of productivity. Rather, you can jump into higher service, thus thanking the Father for His kindness.
Ask, receive, and serve! Service should be the natural consequence of the reception of these wonderful practical gifts handed by the Father. Only through heartfelt service will you be led to unwrap one by one the bounty of practical gifts that the Father has in store for your personal growth, as well as for the welfare of your siblings.”