Oregon, US of A
Sunday, November 11, 2018

Teacher Uteah: “You brought up the topic of Surrender.  There is much to explore about genuine inner surrendering.  To many, surrender is an admission of defeat. It amounts to assigning a negative connotation to something that can be, in fact, quite positive and liberating.  How so?

“Surrendering is letting go of resistance on the wings of a heartfelt prayer.  “What you resist, persists” is what makes surrender necessary to move forward, disengaging yourself from an unproductive status quo. 

“First of all, surrendering is an inner process.  As such, it implies that there is a time factor involved—a coming to maturity.  Yet, many are trying very hard to prevent change from occurring—which amounts to an impossibility based on the ‘this too shall pass’ principle of human living.

“You cannot prevent your aging process, as it is organic.  It also applies to the internal facets of your persona.  Whenever you sense inner resistance, it means that ‘something got to give.’  It is then essential to examine the trigger situation closely.  What are you resisting?  Is it the unavoidable? 

“Usually, your ‘gut feelings’ are pretty accurate decipherers.  Haven’t you often experienced that, whenever your life is in the flow, it is devoid of unpleasant symptoms of resistance but blessed with a sense of euphoria?  Indeed, ‘embracing the Father’s Will’ is a spiritual booster—not a downer. 

“Dear ones, do not become ‘die-hard resistants’ to change, as, for the most part, change is a good thing—a truth-revealer, based on its outcome.  Learn to ‘surrender’ wholeheartedly to your Indwelling Fragment, as He will NEVER take advantage of your trust.  Confide in Him and LISTEN!  Ask Him how to get to the point where you fully relax in Him and let Him guide you in Truth and Wisdom.  It is the joyful and childlike surrender that you are here to acquire.”