Oregon, US of A
Friday, June 15, 2018

“Do not make the mistake of judging another’s religion by your own standards of knowledge and truth.”  [UB 1115:03]

Thought Adjuster: “The above statement gave you food for thought.  Indeed, in your world, harsh and rash judgments seem to be the ‘Daily Special’.  Instead of promoting a better world, they nip in the bud the enthusiastic drive of many emerging souls. 

“Each one of you is from a different ‘designer crop’ and this is the reason why it is not yours to pass judgment on the religious propensities of your siblings.  Your own coming to maturity follows a unique growth curve.  Moreover, you have all been seeded in customized soil compositions and planted under the sun exposure that is most appropriate for YOUR spiritual development.  How then could you be qualified to judge others from your limited vantage point? 

“What is yours to examine is your own spiritual life.  It will be a humbling catalyst for compassionate understanding. Indeed, haven’t you frequently altered your own belief systems?  There is nothing wrong with that, as long as you are trading them up—not down.  If you lived in a tiny cottage and wished to acquire a beautiful piece of artwork, you would have to let go of your least favorite piece.  Little by little, your home would become a showcase for more refined Beauty—appealing to all beholders.

“Such is the case with your religious experience.  Usually, its starter-kit is handed down to you by your elders, depending on the location of their planetary domicile.  If it fails to satisfy your inner longings, you will eventually become stir-crazy, a sure sign that you need to start exploring other areas of spirituality.  And so it goes, until you find a better fit that will no longer be of the generic type, but rather carefully handcrafted to satisfy your individual needs.

“Looking back at your life, you will realize the importance of each one of this spiritual your growth spurt—some of them painful, as they lead you to discard some previously cherished belief system that no longer served your highest good but in which you had invested all your trust; others elating, whenever a new door of understanding opens along your way, letting in more inspiration—the sunrays that guide your soul toward more maturity.

“Just as germinated seeds need to be quickly transplanted from their tiny starting trays to bigger living spaces to prevent them from withering away, your soul will undergo multiple transplanting episodes so that it can be guided to full bloom.  Their timing is divinely ordained, as long as you keep its best interest at heart.”