Oregon, US of A
Saturday, May 5, 2018

Thought Adjuster:  The topic “The Art of Listening” popped into your head this morning, and you listened.  Indeed, Spirit works in many ways that are mysterious to you, yet there is no mystery from Its perspective.  Whenever something interesting pops into your mind, it is a wonderful clue that you need to pay attention.  How else could Spirit guide and teach you?

“Many books have been written about what has been coined “Active Listening”.  Active listening occurs in the present, as does everything else of real import in your life.  It involves the discontinuation of multitasking to give your undivided attention to what is ‘calling’ it.

“Indeed, ‘callings’ are prompts for you to listen.  They can occur at the various levels of your being.  Physical pain, for instance, calls for your attention.  Your body has been equipped with pain sensors that help you detect at an early stage the onset of some condition that needs to be remedied. 

“As well, your emotions are crying for attention.  They are the inner urges that play a great part in your decision-making process.  They are triggered by your thinking and help you figure out which stand to take on it.  Are you listening to what arises your passion?  Are you listening to what triggers your emotional pain?  These emotional symptoms also require being dealt with.

“Indeed, the Art of Listening requires much more than the prescribed eye-contact.  It requires ‘heart-contact’—the full engagement of your heart toward yourself, toward others, situations, emotions, and thoughts.  Why is it so?

“It is because you are ‘Gods in apprenticeship’.  To become Godlike, you have to fully come from your heart.  You can be assured that the Father masters the Art of Heart-Listening and follows the powerful leadings of His Heart. 

“Dear ones, learn to listen at this level of your being.  This is where we meet and from where I provide you My very informed Guidance, as you can be assured that I AM actively listening.”