Oregon, US of A
Monday, April 16, 2018

“…the Son of Man has authority and power on earth to forgive sins…”  [UB, Paper148, section 9]

Thought Adjuster: “The above declaration by Jesus got your attention.  Indeed, it is an important disclosure about Forgiveness.  Aren’t you all Sons and Daughters of Man?  Jesus did not refer to His title of Son of God, but to the one He shares with all of you.  What does it tell you?  Again, it was intended for ‘those who have ears to hear’.

“The inability to forgive is the biggest stumbling block in your world, as the enormity of the grudges being entertained has reached frightening proportions.  Indeed, they are frightening, as the absence of forgiveness promotes the proliferation of shame, guilt, and threats.  Those who do not forgive are ‘evil wishers’ and by harboring such hostile intentions toward others, they are also greatly impairing their own overall wellbeing.  Grudges make you bitter and acidic in your heart and soul.  Just as cancerous cells proliferate in an acidic environment, such ‘sour’ and ‘abrasive’ feelings greatly harm those who harbor them.

“Forgiveness should be considered as a personal hygiene practice—as such is the case.  What prevents you from forgiving others?  Is it your pride?  Is it your short-sightedness?  Jesus demonstrated neither.  This is the reason why He never took personal offense, knowing that the infliction of hurts onto others—or onto oneself—is caused by ignorance, imperfection, immaturity, as well as unhealed emotional wounds. Those who have been hurt, hurt others.  No loving parent would hold these against their children. 

“Dear ones, as Sons of Man, you too need to master forgiveness.  Can you imagine how it would turn your life around?  By forgiving without any strings attached, you are setting yourself free—free to move on to better things, free to embody more love, thus embellishing your entire being and blessing your life with a brand-new outlook.

The eyes are the windows of the soul.  Do they radiate displeasure and shoot hateful daggers, or do they emanate love and compassion?  You know the answer.  If the window panes of your soul are dirty, depriving you of a breathtaking view, what prevents you from wiping them clean with the organic solvent of forgiveness?”