Oregon, US of A
Thursday, May 2, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “How do you effectively plan for a long road trip?  You jot down a to-do-list a few days before your departure.  You pack your travel bag with the necessities; you make sure your car is in good working order, as it will give you peace of mind; you carefully study the map and set up an itinerary; you also make sleeping arrangements by booking rooms ahead of time.

“Now, ask yourself how you ready yourself for each new day.  It should start the previous night.  Upon retiring, set your inner clock to wake up with plenty of time to go through your daily planner, thus stacking the odds in favor of another rewarding leg in your eventful life’s journey. 

“Each morning, you perform a routine.  You clean and dress.  You break the fast by ingesting some proper nutrients, and more.  You should pay as close attention to the hygiene and nutritional needs of your spiritual self.

“By spending time in the Stillness before you reenter the outside world, you keep a daily date with your glorified Road Advisers, Travel Companions, and Life Coaches.  They will mentally prep you for your day and help you cultivate a state of present-mindedness while attending to your busy schedule and your diverse obligations.

“On any lengthy road trip, it is advisable to take regular breaks to stretch your legs or rest.  Just the same, you should take regular time-outs during your day.  Not only will they refresh you, but they will also allow you to reflect on the first portion of your day, regroup if necessary, and make necessary course adjustments to remain in alignment with your morning resolutions. 

“Often, while driving along a familiar stretch, you tend to do so in a mode of automatic pilot, being so absorbed by your thoughts that you overlook the landscapes.  Any routine can exert a mind-dulling effect, thus preventing you from seizing the day—Carpe Diem.  By remaining vigilant, you will detect the many blessings in store for you but that would have escaped you if you had not kept a watchful eye on the unfolding scenery. One more thing: Don’t forget to keep a detailed travel log.”