Oregon, US of A
Sunday, March 4, 2018

“Renew our minds by the transformation of the living spirit…”  [UB Paper 144, Section 5]

Thought Adjuster: “How do you know that you are Spirit-led?  This is definitely a validation that each one of you needs to look for in their own life.  The Father bestows a Fragment of Himself indiscriminately on His earthly children at the time of their first moral decision.  He comes to indwell your very mind in the hope that you will let Him do His Labor of loving guidance.

“How does He guide you?  Through your thinking process, as your thinking exerts a powerful ripple effect on your life:  You think, you feel, you act.  This is the reason why, if your thinking is not at the right place, everything else will be dissonant as well—out of sync with the Divine Orchestration.

“How do you know then that you have fully opened your mind to the transformative influence of the living Spirit?  Do you feel transformed or do you feel stuck?  This should be an easy question to answer for yourself.  As well, do you experience an undeniable upgrade in the quality of your thoughts or is it the same old same old churning of stale thoughts that does nothing to make you feel vibrant and motivated—just as the wearing of old and worn out clothes fails to make you feel attractive?

“Spirit LIVES within you to ‘lead’ you MOMENT-BY-MOMENT—not sporadically.  This is the reason why those of you who are nurturing daily this amazing connection start experiencing an ever-growing sense of intimacy and positive complicity with the Spirit that befriended them and takes their highest good to heart.

“Dear one, aren’t you eager to discover for yourself what the spiritual ‘living waters’ can do to cleanse and constantly renew the flow of your thinking?  These living waters are infused with the uplifting nutrients of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.  They will assuredly find their way from your mind to the vessel of your heart and cleanse it as well, as they address the Oneness of your being.  Your life will be then infused with meaning and excitement, knowing that you are just at the onset of this amazing journey of discovery and that, by following the forward leadings of Spirit, boredom will no longer be part of your experience.”