Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, October 9, 2019

“Spiritual living mightily increases true self-respect.  But self-respect is not self-admiration.  Self-respect is always coordinate with the love and service of one’s fellows.”  [UB 1740:01]

Thought Adjuster: “The above statement abounds in vital information. Human beings are spiritual beings—not just material ones. Certainly, due to the fact of your physical embodiment in a conglomerate of dense energies, you must find your bearings on the physical plane of your current ‘spiritual’ experiences.

“Yes, I stress the word ‘spiritual.’ How do you view yourself? Where do you draw your self-respect from? Sadly, many of you are stuck in their material mode, even though they are acutely aware that it is of the type ‘until-death-does-us-part.’ What then? Will you be a ‘too-late bloomer’ in your spiritual awakening? Will you then come to the shocking realization that you are ill-equipped for the long-distance travel to Paradise—having failed to accumulate spiritual currencies and to grow a substantial soul?

“Do not lend a deaf ear to My exposé. As your Divine Indweller, I am the most qualified influence to help you develop a ‘respectable’ spiritual life. The hoarding of material possessions cannot get you the necessary credentials to access the more spiritualized realms of the hereafter. Instead, it may blindfold you, stumping your growth in reason and wisdom.

“Jesus’ life on Earth was a perfect demonstration of successful “spiritual living.” Never, did He focus on the excessive accumulation of material wealth—only on meeting the basic needs of His loved ones after the premature death of Joseph, the family breadwinner. Even then, Jesus always prioritized their varied spiritual needs, imparting them much daily ‘spiritual bread.’ Isn’t it what wise parents are called to do?

“How could you self-admire if you fail to love and serve your fellow men and women? It would mostly amount to the type of narcissism exhibited by the prideful Lucifer—an attitude that did him a great disservice, causing his downfall.

“How does it make you feel when you perform selfless service? Isn’t your heart filled to the brim with positive emotions? Indeed, higher service is the modus operandi of the universe. None of you is an island. Instead, everything is interdependent—a positive co-dependency of Love-in-Action.

“By viewing your existence from this perspective, redirect your focus to things of eternal value and import. It will amplify the positive impact that each one of you can have, as you have all been given a unique assignment based on the godlike potentials of your God-given personality. Aren’t you curious to see where it will take you? It will disclose to you that part of you that others will come to respect AND much admire.”