Oregon, US of A
Thursday, November 9, 2017

Thought Adjuster: “As your Divine Parents call you so lovingly, you are ‘mini-infinities’.  Indeed, each one of you is a micro-universe!  Stop and ponder that fact for a while, as it will greatly expand the way you view yourself as a finite human creature. 

How do you manage your micro-universe?  To do so, you need to establish your sovereignty over it, just as Jesus Christ had to assert His own sovereignty by overcoming all personal temptations. It is how He set a universal precedent as a human ascending being, successfully acceding to the status of divine sonship since He chose to fully role model the human ascending experience.

When you look at the way most of you lead their lives, you may be taken aback by the fact that so little consideration is given to self-management, so to speak.  So many of the human micro-universes are in a state of chaotic disarray, where things are left unsupervised and without any planning.  Their life run them rather than they run it!

Jesus took a frequent time-out in order to ponder His next move and to ensure that He would select the option the most in alignment with His Father’s Will.  This is indeed a wise way to approach life’s multiple choices. 

This is where your imagination and constructive thinking come in.  Just as a chess player mentally explores his next options and their various outcomes, your imagination is here to help you do the same before you take concrete actions that affect the course of your life and the sustainability of your micro-universe. 

The Father thinks big but puts in place small beginnings for your apprenticeship.  A well-lived life brings your micro-universe under the combined sovereignty of your free-will and the Father’s Will.  Such a life also provides a safe ‘cosmic’ environment where a staggering number of micro-universes peacefully and harmoniously cohabitate and collaborate—thus expanding the cosmic family and slowly but surely overriding the initial and eventful formative years of their individual micro-universes.

Dear ones, the Father is grooming you to become the trustful recipients of more responsibility in this life, as well as the after-life.  Live with awareness so as not to miss out on His training curriculum meant to activate your God-given powers as you are qualifying yourself to handle them with utmost care and gratitude.”