Oregon, USA
Thursday, September 26, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “The Father does not create anything randomly. Everything He does is deliberate and meticulously carried out as an essential piece of His Great Plan. His cosmic Law of Cause and Effect implies that the effect is in alignment with an intelligent goal.

“It should also be how you make life decisions. They should be in support of your overall objective to “become perfect as the Father is perfect.” How then do you get there?

“A Master Mariner steers his vessel toward her Port of Arrival by entering its coordinates in the navigational instruments. As well, you need to assess your life decisions against your eternal and long-term coordinates of Godlikeness. It may not necessarily take you on a straight course, just as the Captain may have to make some detours to avoid dangerous skiffs or stay clear of turbulent weather. Detours are not always synonyms for setbacks if they allow you to safely work your way closer to your objective by laying the needed foundation for the next leg of your experiential journey.

“Also, at times, based on the latest developments, your goals may have to be revisited as a broader panoramic landscape emerges on your life horizon. You may get in touch with some of your unsuspected talents, which will motivate you to joyfully and gratefully explore them. What some may perceive as delays are part of your diversified curriculum.

“The Father’s Goals always support the highest good. It, too, should be a rule of thumb in the definition of your personal objectives. Indeed, to be Godlike implies that you put your life to higher service. Such service benefits you personally, as well as the entire creation! On the other hand, self-centered endeavors are counterproductive, as they promote separation—not unity—and fail to benefit from the multiplier effect of group synergy.

“At the beginning of each day, take the time to reaffirm your goals. They will help you stay the course when faced with unforeseen turns of events.”