Oregon, US of A
Saturday, January 19, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “Let us meditate together.  Yes, when you meditate, you are not alone, as it is the gateway to our deep mutual connection.  It is best for you to find a quiet space and be undisturbed—for the sole purpose of becoming an attentive listener and meet Me there, as I too am picking up on all the subtle signals you are sending My way. 

“Even though our connection is silent, we are not silent partners, as our active partnership occurs in the deep recesses of your emotional core, as your mind alone will never succeed in establishing a love connection.  You could view your brain as the hardware and your heart as the software. They are rigged together to render you ‘operational.’ 

 “Dear ones, do not neglect either one of them.  It is a complex balancing act that yields impressive results, prompting you to make both loving and well-informed decisions.  It teaches you to you rein in your unruly emotions before they can take you on a wild mental ride. 

“Each moment provides you with training opportunities.  You may not get a perfect report card, but your grades will improve over time, as you keep putting forth your best effort—your heartfelt contribution to your growth process.”