Oregon, US of A
Sunday, May 5, 2019

“Do not be so slothful as to ask God to solve your difficulties, but never hesitate to ask him for wisdom and spiritual strength to guide and sustain you while you yourself resolutely and courageously attack the problems at hand.  [UB 999:08]

Thought Adjuster: “Acquiring problem-solving skills is what life is all about.  It is not necessarily about the survival of the fittest but about making you, fitter.  Fitter for what?

“After enlisting in the army, recruits undergo grueling training where their endurance is constantly tested at multiple levels—physical fitness, mental resilience, and emotional strength.  Those testing grounds are not meant to deter them from the desire to ‘serve’ their country, but to prepare them to do so successfully.  Their success or failure depends on their attitude.  Some of them may feel singled out and victimized by the drill sergeants, having led a comfortable and sheltered life up to that point; others may grow more determined to make it through, having already cultivated a can-do mentality.

“Good parents are life-coaches—inspirational figures, who strive at making their children fit for life and ready to work hard for what the wished-for outcomes. 

“Such a resolute attitude will forever be needed as you ascend to higher realms.  Service will be the common denominator and, at each new level, you will be called to hone new skills that will initially appear to belong in the realm of impossibility.

“Nothing is impossible if the Father Himself deems it possible.  It implies that you have it in you to succeed.  Someday, in the far distant future, you will look back in amazement about what made you who you are.  You will feel genuine gratitude for the crises that unleashed your dormant skills and potentials.  Life is an ongoing activation process, as the Father has buried in you many treasures.  Yours is to bring them to the light by rolling up your sleeves and using the tools He thoughtfully included in your kit for eternal survival.”