Oregon, US of A
Sunday, May 10, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “You were telling Me that I hold the strategic advantage to know you inside out, while you get to know Me in some small measure by making educated guesses or through hearsay.

Many fictional narratives were attributed to the Divine Voice throughout the ages.  They originated in the fertile human imagination—often under the grip of fears and the handicaps of ignorance.

There is a sure way to be put on the fast track to get to know Me—it ALWAYS has to do with following the leadings of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.  I AM an aggregate of these fundamental values.  As a Divine Fragment, I AM a reflection of the First Source and Center.  I AM authentic—never conflicted; I AM harmonious, exuding the exquisite fragrance of Spirit; I AM all-loving—unable to secede from the perspective of unconditional Love.

I AM That I AM—and so ARE you.  We are evolving together toward the Great I AM—the synergetic pooling of your activated potentials with My Beingness.  I AM, and you ARE becoming—raising and shaping your embryonic soul's texture into a vessel fit for My royal Presence.

Then, you too will see everything and everyone from the perspective of Love—no longer ‘reading’ others and relating to them through the distorted lenses of your imperfect self that claims expertise at unmasking the fake, the ugly and the bad in others.  No, you will project your self-realization unto others, vouching for their beautiful potentials—having trust in them, as I have in you, and cheering them on, as I encourage you.  As the lyrics go: “and I say to myself, what a beautiful world!””