Oregon, US of A
Sunday, October 20, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “You are not living your life just for your own sake. It can be an offering in the name of all humankind on the divine altar of purification.

“Each one of you exhibits qualities and flaws—credits and debits in the living balance sheet of your life. In some way, you could intuit that your strengths operate the levers that will help you remedy your handicaps, as they are the facets of your persona that reflect the Divine Personality and work to your eternal advantage.

“On the other hand, the imperfections of your evolving selfhood are the weeds that need to be uprooted to access the spiritual territories laying fallow. Just as is the case in nature, these spiritual weeds choke to death many unsuspected species of seeds in hibernation below the surface, waiting to be set free at the right growth season.

Rest assured that there is a wealth of qualities dormant within each one of you. They may require a conversion experience of sorts--the conscious letting go of the unsustainable ways to trade them up for better ways of living. It is what turned Saul into Paul.

“Aren’t you eager to go on such a thrilling treasure hunt? Rather than blaming heredity and a challenging environment for who you are, why not shatter these limiting belief systems? By doing so, you become a new being and get to taste the bliss that invades a soul upon its triumph over the handicaps that were plaguing it.

“Character flaws are addictions to a particular way of operating. They are part of the subtle encoding that governs your life. Do understand that it is within your power to rewrite these programs, substituting them with better ones. It does require you to objectively survey the lay of the land of your character to orchestrate its makeover. What do you tear down? What do you use as a scaffolding? What do you recycle? What serves your higher good and what does you a disservice?

“The feelings resulting from taking a particular action are the telltale of its quality or lack thereof. Do not get fooled by short-lived highs. They are short-lived because their underlying intention was not sustainable.”