Oregon, US of A
Sunday, April 12, 2020


"The Master in his answer, though positively affirming the fact of the survival of mortal creatures by the technique of the resurrection, did not in any sense speak approvingly of the Pharisaic beliefs in the resurrection of the literal human body.” [UB 174:3:4]

Christ Michael/Jesus: “On this Easter morning, you ponder what was My personal experience when I crossed the demarcation line between human life in the flesh and its continuance in a morontial form (a less dense energetic body) that will serve you on your next experiential plane.  

“When I emerged from the tomb, it was not in my carnal body. As the Son of Man, I abode by the same material laws as all mortal creatures. What use would be a body of blood and flesh in realms of more delicate energetic vibrations? Just as I chose to be a full-fledge mortal of Earth and to be subjected to the very same material laws as anyone else, it was also part of my human experience to ‘ascend’ toward higher and higher realms in a similar fashion as all of you will experience.

“It also presented a golden opportunity for Me to be compassionate toward the human condition—at all its levels of metamorphosis. How else could I guide you through this amazing personal transformation if I was not one of you? This very fact should infuse you with much peace of mind and heart when the moment comes for you to discard your physical envelope. Indeed, as disclosed in the Urantia Book: “Such diminishment of death continues on and on, but [there exists] no system whose inhabited worlds, even though long settled in life, are entirely free from natural death as the technique of escape from the bonds of flesh.” [UB 55:2:8]

“Rather than dwelling on what happened to my material embodiment, why not ponder My spiritual resurrection? Indeed, the resurrection of the dead is the spiritual reemergence of the souls of the departed. It is the gateway to their next incarnation, not in dense bodies prone to wear and tear, but in embodiments fit-for-life in finer existential and experiential planes.

“One thing is for certain: When I said, “I am the Way,” I meant ‘all the way.’ I blazed a practical trail for all to follow during, and after, their planetary sojourn. I won’t let anyone walk alone through the somewhat frightening unknowns of your human experience. You are forever safe with Me. When I rose, I sent out the clarion call: "All Rise!"