Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Thought Adjuster: “Let us talk about the Activation Process of Co-Creativity.  As human beings with a divine destiny, you are meant to become mighty co-creators.  It does not happen overnight, as it is a slow evolutionary process of inner metamorphosis, of which you are by now well aware. 

“Your first co-creative project is your own co-creation.  What do I mean by that?  Are you fully aligned with Truth, Beauty, and Goodness?  Do you harbor unconditional love in your heart—toward yourself and others?  From these leading questions, you get an idea as to what I mean when I speak about your own co-creation. 

“Indeed, your inner ‘remodeling’ comes first in order to become more fully activated in your co-creatorship.  The artwork on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel was commissioned to Michael Angelo—someone who had demonstrated most exquisite creative skills.  It would have been unwise and a waste of resources to commission such a project to an inexperienced workman.  If you want high-quality results, you need to hire the best.  Period.

“In His All-Wisdom, the Father gives you very precise minute assignments meant to make your personality blossom.  Once you have brought forth the fruits of Spirit in your own character, you will be asked to share them with others through your co-creative collaboration with Spirit, thus safeguarding the integrity of the creative endeavor. 

“Until then, just as little children learn to form their letters to perfection through repetitive practices, you too will learn to develop your talents until such time when ‘your hour comes’ and the Father delegates you specific assignments, thus promoting you to the status of a co-creator. 

“Work at perfecting yourself—at becoming a ‘self-made’ individual.  Indeed, spiritual laziness won’t take you there.  Only through your own efforts and at the sweat of your brow, will you break one by one your inner seals, being thus safely led to your full activation.”