Oregon, US of A
Monday, July 13, 2015

Thought Adjuster:  “Dear child, as you enter into the Stillness and the quietness of your heart, you can consciously activate the Love Pump by directing your attention to your heart and visualizing the flow of love taking place between you and the Divine.  Eventually, love will fill your being and you can consciously open the love valve of your heart so that the overflow of this divine love can bless those around you.  Love cannot be held prisoner.  By its very nature, it HAS to be expressed. 

“As you activate this pumping system within your being, you are becoming one of the many love conduits that the Father has installed and is still installing all over His creation.  Each being has been intended to take part in this divine love circuitry. 

“On your planet, you experience the dysfunction which occurs when many parts of this organism have not been activated and when the system has to default to an under functioning mode. Yet, it is only a temporary state as, eventually, more and more of the components of this Love circuitry will be activated and become fully operative.  Someday, the life giving flow of love will saturate the whole planet.

“Stop during your day to assess whether your love valve is partially open, fully open, or closed.  Ask your Divine Presence to assist you in monitoring a healthy flow of love through each cell, fiber, molecule and layer of your being.  Love is truly empowering and enlivening.”