Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “As you wish to activate our morning connection and intend to fully settle in the present moment—our ‘rendez-vous’—you frequently experience an initial feeling of insecurity as to your ability to receive a meaningful message.

“Anxieties are a sign that you are not YET in the present.  Patience and total surrender are two essential requirements to fully immerse yourself in the present moment—a moment that CANNOT be rushed. 

“Take all the time you need to settle in the present.  Focus on your breathing, as it is your best access point to the present moment.  Indeed, you will never be able to reclaim a breath that has already escaped your lungs, nor are you able to breathe ahead of time.  Your breathing is what sustains your being RIGHT NOW.  This is the reason it is such an effective aid in grounding you in the present moment.

"Once you have comfortably settled in that 'timeless zone’ and expressed your desire to hear from Me—your divine Guide, always on standby—no longer should you worry about your ability to receive, as “the ball is in My court”.  I am the One that will guide our conversation, according to your expressed wishes. 

“Don’t you see?  From your side, all that is required is your total receptivity and eagerness to hear from Me.  You cannot put words in My mouth.  However, you can make room for My words to sink deep into your mind and take root there.  They are ‘meaningful’ words; they are thought-seeds encoded with many growth potentials and will come to full bloom in due timing—according to My timetable, not your day planner.”